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Trade Paperbacks is Moving

April 27, 2012


After several minutes of negotiation, it was decided that rather than simply reposting each other all the time, Trade Paperbacks will become part of the site Fiction Advocate. Fiction Advocate has been around for a while longer than TPB, and will be a great place to get to more readers and, hopefully, give away more books.

You can read about the move here, but the basics are:

We’ve combined Fiction Advocate with Mike’s own site, Trade Paperbacks, so all the stuff you loved about Trade Paperbacks—the DFW minutia, the free books, the adorable guest posts—is here. Check out the Infinite Jest liveblog and the entire Trade Paperbacks card catalog using the links at the top.

And check out my first FA posts:

Fiction Advocate of the Day — in which Claire Needell Hollander, a reading enrichment teacher in the New York City Public Schools talks about the benefits, and difficulties, of bringing classic literature to our students.

What’s in Your Book Bag? — in which you get to select twelve books you would let strangers judge you by, and harshly evaluate the selections of others.

And finally, keep track of everything (and share it all) on our Facebook page and on via @TradePaperbacks and @FictionAdvocate.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stay with us over at Fiction Advocate.

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    April 27, 2012 11:08 am

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