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Fiction Advocate Review: The Curfew

June 28, 2011

The Curfew by Jesse BallAFTER SAYING SEVERAL KIND WORDS ABOUT IT, Brian over at the Fiction Advocate has kindly offered up for trade (or just for free) “The Curfew” by Jesse Ball. Ball is a young writer who has been making his way in the literature business over the last five or six years. If you’ve never heard of him, you’ve definitely heard of the places that have published him: The Paris Review, The Boston Review, New Republic, Oberon and Best American Poetry 2006.

Of “The Curfew,” Brian writes:

Ball’s writing is spare and often stunning. With its odd proverbs, anachronistic language, and strict manners, it resembles a sinister children’s fable… If the definition of experimental literature is that “its politics are its aesthetics and vice versa,” then The Curfew is a stirring example.

Read the full review.

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